John Kortum's "The Kortum Technique" – Using Our Five Senses to Heal Ourselves

By Margaret Emory

What would you say if I told you I could see health indicators emanating from your body about problematic conditions in your organs and regulatory systems past, present and future?

For instance, let’s say we were walking along and I asked you, out of the blue, whether you were having digestive problems. You might say, “Wow, impressive, are you psychic all of a sudden? How long do I have to live, doc?” and then, of course, you’d want to know how I could tell. Because your stomach had been hurting for some time now and you were thinking of getting it checked out.

All joking aside, John Kortum, author of The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body’s Natural Blueprint for Health and Healing is a medical intuitive with sensory perceptions he’s honed through the years into a vocabulary specifically geared to reveal imbalances in the body’s organs and systems. As he explains it, “Not only do I see with my eyes, but I can also feel with my eyes and hear with my eyes. I know this description of using the senses may sound nonsensical, but it is likely there are times when you blend your senses in similar ways. You simply do not lend any attention to the experience.”

Kortum has spent his life exploring the extraordinary capacities of our ordinary five senses. As a young boy, he began noticing that people’s bodies, particularly their faces, convey information beyond what they intentionally communicate. Based on those discoveries, Kortum developed a revolutionary method for recognizing and understanding the subtle health messages every body displays, day in and day out.

Kortum’s cutting-edge technique, cultivated over the course of his curiosity-driven life, identifies more than 25 aspects of a person’s appearance, most of them in the facial area, that indicate underlying conditions related to specific organs and biological systems.

Those problems may, once diagnosed, be addressed through conventional medicine. Kortum is not a doctor and never professes to offer cures for conditions. But Kortum says his system can potentially reveal signs of trouble months or even years before they become apparent to a doctor – or to the patient himself/herself. That information, he explains, can give people opportunity to take proactive steps today to avoid serious health problems down the road.

Kortum has applied his technique to people with thyroid disease, neurological and cardiovascular conditions, cancer, blood disorders, diabetes, and infertility. Kortum collaborated with Dr. Leonard Wisneski, an Endocrinologist, and Integrative Nurse Practitioner Beth Renné to test his technique’s accuracy. In a research study conducted in their offices, Kortum’s diagnoses matched those of conventional medicine 93 percent of the time, many serving as case studies in his book.

The Kortum Technique takes readers along on the personal journey in which Kortum defines and refines his groundbreaking method of marrying conventional and complementary medicine. We experience firsthand his joy, humility and transformation into a champion whose mission is to teach others how to awaken to their own innate powers of sensory perception. The book provides illustrations, case studies, and chapter-by-chapter reviews of key points to help ordinary readers train themselves to employ his technique — to the potential benefit of their own and their loved ones’ health.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with John via Skype where he talked about health indicators, sensory perception, the Life Span Moisture Level – an indicator of a person’s overall health and ability to withstand bouts of ill health, even serious diseases – and what he’s up to now and the future. Please enjoy the following video clips and go buy The Kortum Technique which offers an indepth practical look at a new way to harness the power of your senses to access the human body’s blueprint for health and healing.

John Kortum is featured in the A&E Biography Channel’s series The UneXplained, and recently on Dr. Oz. For more information on John and The Kortum Technique visit

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