Second Season of Brain Games Premiers Tonight on the Nat Geo Channel!

We couldn’t possibly be more excited about tonight’s season premier of Brain Games, one of our absolute favorite shows on the National Geographic Channel that critics are calling “tremendous fun!” The Emmy (R) nominated series is back, bringing you whole new mind-boggling experiments, awesome scientific insight, baffling illusions, and so much more. Of course it also helps that its host, Jason Silva, is not only extremely informative but is also rather dashing,

As Silva revealed to Gerri Miller in the 2013 Brain World Magazine summer issue on Sex & Immortality, “You’ll learn science as well as the trick. Most people are unaware how easily our brains can be hacked, fooled and mislead and our attention can be misdirected. Through this show, they learn about that in a visceral way. We trick them, we confuse them, we startle them, but then we get them interested in learning why that’s the case.” Yes, dear friends! The show is interactive.

Last year Brain Games was a major hit, but this year, it will be tacking on even bigger challenges and scientific questions making it one of the most anticipated “smartertainment” shows around (thanks to Silva for the term). Tackling subjects such as altered states of consciousness, music’s influence on the brain, and many other fascinating topics like attraction, perception and stress, we simply can’t wait to tune in!

Using the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and other relevant disciplines, Silva is preparing to shatter your preconceptions and unravel the secrets of your mind. Since last year, the show had the highest rated series launch in the history of the National Geographic Channel, we can only assume that this year is going to be off the charts. Needless to say, we’ll be watching tonight at 9pm ET/PM. So join us! Trust us, you’ll thank us later! by: Liz Belilovskaya 


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