Good vs. Evil

Do you believe in morality? The enduring war between good and evil never fails to present a challenge. Though merely an epic space opera that hardly commands the impact of the Bible, Star Wars epitomizes that dilemma. In a galaxy far, far away, the Jedi are portrayed as a representation of good in conflict with the Sith, their evil counterparts, dark forces who could destroy the universe. Reveling in man’s lesser desires, the Sith breeds qualities like competition, jealousy and tyranny.

The debate about what is moral continues to weigh heavily on our consciences. Socially acceptable behavior and our ability to fit in are closely tied with our knowledge and understanding of the moral status quo. But is it just a status quo or rock-and-mortar natural law? What if morality is ever changing and follows trends set by the people in charge? Then the good-versus-evil debate might be simply a psychological tactic for control. What we call morality could be considered a level of consciousness, a perspective from which to view the world. And yet the entire portrait remains a mystery. Beyond the concept of good versus evil, couldn’t there possibly be a brain state where morality is obsolete?


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